#083 ALREADY ADOPTED – KZN Durban, Adopt a Maltese – Benjamin

Adopt a Maltese Benjamin


Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban

Adopt a Maltese – Benjamin

Adopt a Maltese, Benjamin 9 year old

Adopt a Maltese – Benjamin is a 9 year old male Mini Maltese, who loves attention. He is protective of his owner. Benjamin is very active and enjoys running and playing. He enjoys going for walks to spend all his pent up energy, as he loves being outdoors searching for new adventures.

Adopt a Maltese

Benjamin has not been socialized with other dogs or cats. He is looking for a home with a garden to run and play. He currently is in a complex with not much freedom to enjoy outdoor life. Benjamin has not been around small children.

Adopt a Maltese, Benjamin 9 year old

This male Maltese, is not fond of being brushed and groomed, but is so happy once he is looking all handsome. He enjoys sleeping in his own bed at night. He is housetrained, and uses a wee pads when indoors.

Adopt a senior Maltese, Benjamin 9 year old
  • Durban KZN
  • Benjamin
  • 9 years old
  • Male
  • Mini Maltese
  • Kids – not been around small kids
  • Dogs – not socialized
  • Cats – never met any
  • House trained to use wee pads
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