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Apply to Adopt a Small Dog

Adopt a Small Dog

To adopt a small dog, please complete this application form.

Do you want to adopt a small dog?
We have a large list of available rescue dogs to adopt.
This adoption application form helps us to quickly find a suitable home for a small dog in need.
Please fill it in honestly and keep watching for available little doggies.
Send us a WhatsApp when you see a small breed dog you could help and we will contact you.
Thank you very much for taking the time to help our beloved  little fur babies!


To ADOPT A RESCUE DOG is the most satisfying feeling in the world. Learn more about our small dog adoption process.

Woman happy with her new adopted small dog

Frequently Asked Questions about Adopting

What is the difference between - Adopting and Fostering?

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The idea of foster homes are to rehabilitate dogs who have lost or been removed from their owners. Foster homes provide a temporary home until a more permanent residence becomes available for orphans.

Adopting – If you are actually wanting to home a Little Doggy on a permanent basis, please fill out the Adoption Application

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  • Why is there a need for adoptions?
  • What are rescue dogs?
  • Should we judge pet owners?
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Heartwarming Dog Rescue Stories and Testimonials from Happy Adoptive Families

Levi - he is so playful and gorgeous!! He is so adorable - I just love him ❤️

Candice LetcherLevi - Exotic French Bulldog

She definitely thinks she rules the house. Loves going to the dog park with us and barks and chases around any dog bigger than her. Cardi is doing great and we love her.

Milandre Van Der HeeverCardi - Pekingese

I am excited about adopting Jacque, he is a lovely dog playing with the ball thank you so much ‍
Wonderful to have him as my companion

Helen DeucharJaque - Fox Terrier

Thank you Pam for the effortless adoption, I am so happy and extremely overjoyed to give little Zack a forever home, we cannot wait for all the fond memories and endless

Tracey Van WykZack - Pomeranian
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