Apply to Adopt a Small Dog

Apply to adopt a small dog today with Little Doggy Rescue. Adopt a dog and save a life.

Please complete this application form if you would like to adopt a Little Doggy.

This adoption application helps us to quickly find a suitable home for a small dog in need.
Please fill it in honestly and keep watching for available little doggies. 
Send us a WhatsApp when you see a small breed dog you could help and we will contact you.
Thank you very much for taking the time to help our beloved  little fur babies!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Adopting

What is the difference between – Adopting and Fostering?

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The idea of foster homes are to rehabilitate dogs who have lost or been removed from their owners. Foster homes provide a temporary home until a more permanent residence becomes available for orphans. If you are actually wanting to home a Little Doggy on a permanent basis, please fill out the Adoption Application  

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