#082 KZN Durban Adopt a Jack Russell Skye and Nala

Adopt a female Jack Russell Skye & Nala

Kwa-Zulu Natal, Westville North, Durban

Adopt a Jack Russell Skye & Nala

Adopt a Jack Russell Skye & Nala. Sadly their adoption failed, and now they are in urgent need of a new home before 12 May 2024.
Both doggies are fully house-trained, as they are inside doggies, that love to cuddle on the bed, and crawl under the blankets with their humans. Both females, get on well with other dogs, and cats. They love being around children.

They also enjoy going for walks on their leash, and are used to being around a swimming pool.

Skye – Female Jack Russell

Adopt a Jack Russell Skye, female

Skye is a 7 year old small, short legged Jack Russell. She loves to cuddle behind your neck, while driving. She enjoys attention on her terms, she prefers to lay in the sun during the day, and will come for a quick cuddle and attention, then return for more sun lazing.
Skye will alert you to the rubbish truck coming past, or those annoying motorbikes that coming whizzing past the house, or the people running past her yard, that she would love to run with.
If the gate is left open, she might make a dash for the open road, because she loves exploring.

Adopt a Jack Russell female Skye

She is extremely energetic & loves, loves, loves playing ball! She could spend all day fetching & bringing her ball back to you. She is very friendly & very affectionate, she will follow you everywhere in the morning. She is not afraid of storms but does like to be near you when there is one.

Skye is a food lover and has a tendency to put on weight if too much food is in front of her and she does not get her exercise. She is very respectful of other dogs that are eating & will wait till they are done, but if there’s anything left over, she will finish it. (Free feeding might not be a good option for her)

  • Kwa-Zulu Natal, Westville North, Durban
  • Skye
  • 7 years old
  • Female
  • Jack Russell
  • Loves with children
  • Excellent with other dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Fully House trained

Nala – Female Foxy Russell

Nala female Fox terrier cross Jack Russell 1

Nala is 5 year old female Fox Terrier cross Jack Russell. You’ll never find her far from your side, always tagging along. She loves people, and is very good with children.

Nala’s the sweetest, most caring doggy you’ll meet. She’s all about love and fun! She’s super affectionate and loves a good rough play session, but she’s also a cuddle bug. And don’t even get her started on attention—she eats it up! Plus, she’s a pro at lazy couch snoozes in the afternoon. She’d be perfect for a playdate with other doggies who love to romp around.

A secure yard is a must for Nala, as she is a very friendly doggy and would run out to meet anyone that comes near the home. She is not a big barker, but when she does bark, you better go check, because you know something is up.

Nala female Fox terrier cross Jack Russell 2
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal, Westville North, Durban
  • Nala
  • 5 years old
  • Female
  • Fox Terrier cross Jack Russell
  • Loves with children
  • Excellent with other dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Fully House trained

Jack Russell

Jack Russell is a happy energetic dog. They are good dogs especially for children who can keep them active and busy, since a Jack Russell gets bored easily. They are an adventurous small breed dog, with much love to offer. They are a small family dog for indoors or outdoors. Training and positive reinforcement are very important for these intelligent canines.

Foxy Russell

Fox Terrier cross Jack Russell is called a Foxy Russell. A real cheerful, curious little dog. Always up for an adventure! With their loyal streak, they like your own personal guardian angel, sticking by your side and keeping an eye out for the family.

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