#059 ALREADY ADOPTED GP – Adopt a Puppy Pitbull Cross

4 male 4 female pitbull puppy cross

Adopt a Puppy: Cross Jack Russell / Pitbull Puppies

Adopt a Puppy, A naughty Jack Russell gave mommy Pitbull an Oopsie Daisy litter. (We are helping rehome these puppies for a family. Mommy Bella will be sterilized ASAP)
The mommy & daddy doggies are loveable, they are great with children, other dogs and cats. They sleep inside.
Pitbull cross Jack Russell puppies urgently need to be rehomed by Sunday 3 December.
4 male puppies and 4 female puppies. Apply to Adopt a Pet.

  • Gauteng, Pretoria
  • Unnamed Pitbull Puppies
  • 4 x Female and 4 x Male
  • Pitbull (mommy) x Jack Russell (daddy) ~ JR x Pittie Puppies
  • All puppies need to be sterilized in May 2024

Meet Bella, the heart and soul of the canine kingdom.

Bella is the Pitbull mommy, that cares for her furbabies with devotion. She loves being surrounded by her troupe of playful (JR x Pittie) puppies as they mirror her loving nature. Bella is a happy doggy with an infectious joy that radiates where she goes.
Bella is a softie at heart. Her favorite pastime is cuddling, and she has a way of making everyone feel safe and cherished in her presence. Whether it’s a way of her tail or a gentle nuzzle, Bella’s affectionate gestures speak volumes about the love she has to give.

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