#055 ALREADY ADOPTED – GP – Adopt a dog, Zoey female Yorkie cross Pekingese

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Gauteng, Roodepoort

Adopt a Dog: Zoey Yorkie cross Pekingese

Adopt a dog, Yorkie cross Pekingese
Yorkinese (Yorkie cross Pekingese)
3 years old, Zoey loves attention and cuddles. 
Adopt a dog
She does suffer from separation anxiety
 and will bark to keep calm. 
Adopt a dog
Zoey loves children & is a Sweetheart
Can you give her a loving new home?

Adopt a dog
Name:  Zoey
Gender:  Female
Age: 3 years Old
Weight: +- 5 kg
Breed:  Yorkie x Pekingese
Cats: Not good, will bark & chase
Dogs: Excellent
Children: Excellent

Housetrained: Yes
Health: Good

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